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Monthly Subscription Service

  1. Managed monitoring and alerting of all critical system functions.
  2. Managed database backups and reporting.
  3. Managed physical data integrity checks and reporting.
  4. Automated database performance tuning.
  5. Managed server performance baselining and logging.
  6. Automated server configuration change logging.
  7. Non-Stop monitoring and reporting of database operations.  We make sure things are running smoothly on your database servers and are proactively notified when trouble arises so we can  react quickly if there are issues.
  8. Each server managed contributes one hour to a monthly pool of time to be used for consulting, development, and management activities as the subscriber sees fit.
  9. Repair of any database issues that arise.  Time spent resolving the issue will be deducted from the pool of consulting time that is included in the base subscription.  If an issue takes longer than 15 minutes, the customer's on-site technical contact will be notified.
  10. Subscribers get discount rates for consulting about T-SQL, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, Perl, C#, and F# programming that relates to database access.


Consulting is available regarding all aspects of database management including project requirements gathering, database design, database architecture, data center design, disaster recovery planning and procedures, security procedures, application design, data warehouse design, and business intelligence with analysis services.  We can help you migrate between data centers or hosting providers with little or no downtime.  We can help you convert to MS SQL Azure Services or Amazon AWS in order to save you even more money on your data center and maintenance cost.

If your business uses third-party software with a database backend that isn't performing like you need or lacks the functionality you require, we can help.  If you find that the software vendor isn't responding to your needs, we can figure out the root cause of the problem and act as expert advocates on your behalf when dealing with the vendor.

We will even help you interview candidates if you decide you do need a full-time DBA.  We can provide questionnaires and assist in creating an accurate job description to aid you in finding a full-time DBA if you decide part-time DBA services are not for you.  We can do phone screening for technical knowledge of your candidates so you don't waste time interviewing candidates that don't have the technical skills you need.

Generic Database Designs for ANY Business

We offer database designs that cover all aspects of how people and organizations interact with each other.  These cover accounting, budgeting, human resources, invoicing, ordering, products, and shipping.  Call us for a demonstration of what we offer along these lines.

Subscription Cost Details

Our basic subscription cost is $250 per month per server. There are no long term contracts that prevent you from dropping our service at any time if you are dissatisfied for any reason. 

Generic models are $10,000 per general area.  The general areas are Party Communications and Relations, Accounting and Budgeting, Human Resources, Invoices, Orders, Products, Shipments, and Work Effort.  Party Communications and Relations is central to them all and is a prerequisite of all the others.  We can review these and their applicability to your business via Shared View prior to purchase so that you can be confident you are getting what you need to save your business money.